The following proposal outlines services in capturing media content and brand/website development for Casa Nixon.


Walker Creative will capture a comprehensive portfolio of photographs and videos, including aerial, of Casa Nixon.

Walker Creative will provide all raw and edited videos and photos as well as include a 1-2 minute comprehensive, non verbal, video featuring Casa Nixon. 


Saturday, January 20 | 11:00am ~ 1:00pm - Photo & Video shoot of the interior and exterior of Casa Nixon - includes aerial 

Sunday, January 21 | 4:00pm - 6:00pm - Photo & Video shoot of the interior and exterior of Casa Nixon

Monday / Tuesday or Wednesday (TBD)  Additional photo & video shoot focusing on lifestyle and settings with guests. 

Friday, January 26 - Walker Creative will begin uploading edited photos and media to Dropbox and share with Jane ( if not sooner!). 

Wednesday, January 31 - Walker Creative will provide rough cut of the comprehensive video. 

Friday, Febuary 2 - Walker Creative will provide final cut of comprehensive video. 


Walker Creative proposes to develop a website for Casa Nixon that provides a streamlined, informative and exciting experience for prospective guests. The website will have the ability to receive reservations directly through the site while syncing with KIGO and third party booking channels such as Airbnb & VRBO etc.  

WEBSITE OUTLINE: The following includes the pages + content hosted on the website. 

  • WELCOME (Home Page): The welcome page will give an overview of Casa Nixon and highlight the location and amenities. The welcome page will also include photos, a comprehensive video along with the ability for guest to check the availability of Casa Nixon.     

  • ACCOMMODATIONS - This will be a dedicated page that provides a more comprehensive overview of Casa Nixon, the location, amenities & rates. Guest will have the ability to check availability through a calendar widget.  

  • BOOK NOW- Dedicated page that allows guests to put in their dates of arrival and departure to search availability and complete their reservations.

  • CONTACT - Includes map, directions and contact form.

  • (Optional) EXPLORE - Dedicated resource page with recommendations for activities and attractions in Playa Palada & Playa Guiones. This page will also include an embedded Instagram feed for the brand. 

  • (Optoinal) PROMOTIONS - Dedicated page that hosts information for ongoing promotions. 



Photos| Videos | Comprehensive Video: $2,500.00

Website Development: $2,500.00 

Total Budget for Media & Website: $5,000.00



Walker Creative works hand in hand with Pura Vida Management to manage your bookings across all listing channels including your website, and third party channels including Airbnb, VRBO, etc. This ensures that all of the reservation calendars and property management operations are synchronized. 


Walker Creative and Pura Vida Management have created a streamlined process for Owner Bookings. It is as simple as filling out an online form that will provide our team with the essential information needed to block out the dates for you and/or your guests stay.