Thank you for the opportunity to put together the following proposal. Below I have outlined my proposed role, responsibilities, short and long term goals, working relationship between Walker Creative | LaVie, a timeline for launching the brand / co-presenting LaVie’s first event with The Charleston Bluegrass Festival, and lastly a couple of proposed compensation scenarios. Everything outlined in the proposal is in regards to the site related business we have been discussing with the priority focus on presenting/hosting events at the site.


I propose to take on the role of Managing Director. As Managing Director I would report directly to Holland, President of LaVie. I would lead the effort in carrying out LaVie’s mission for the site by upholding the values of LaVie in all regards both internally and all things public facing. My main focus would be to develop and implement a business model for events along with developing a brand and digital infrastructure for the site related business in Charleston, South Carolina.

As Managing Director I will be working as an independent contractor on behalf of my company, Walker Creative, which will assume the following responsibilities. 

Managing Director | Responsibilities

  • Work in collaboration with LaVie in developing and managing a business model for hosting and presenting events.

  • Work in collaboration with LaVie to develop and manage the brand, website and marketing collateral /assets.

  • Continuously pursue opportunities for events that fit LaVie’s mission and intended use with the site including performing arts, recreation, food and beverage, weddings, corporate and social gatherings.

  • Utilize my network, contacts and resources to contribute to development.

  • Manage all marketing efforts and public relations.

  • Setup/manage google analytics, facebook pixel and other useful metric tracking systems to track audience reach and growth.

  • Setup/manage communications for the brand - email and shared documents/media.  

  • Assemble/mange an in house events staff to assist with events day of.

  • Develop and manage internal and public facing policies / systems /protocols to  deliver excellent experiences and customer service.

  • Assess all event and programming opportunities that come to the business and present them to Holland | LaVie.

  • Produce/Present various in house events & programming at the site. 


Since our conversation I have determined short and long term goals that I believe are in line with the vision LaVie has with the site.

Short Term Goals for 2018 

  • Implement an event driven business model and create the necessary infrastructure to host and accommodate events - both physical and digital.  

  • Assist / take part in the the transition from Middleton Place operating events to LaVie.  

  • Develop brand and all necessary collateral for the site in collaboration with LaVie including: graphic assets (logo), value statement, brand style guide, marketing collateral/assets, website and other public facing marketing tools.

  • Create internal policies, protocols, methods and streamlined operations to present/host and accommodate events at the site.

  • Begin to pursue events and programming opportunities that drive the right demographics/opportunities and stakeholders to the site.

  • Begin to build a captive audience that LaVie can distribute content and our offerings to.

  • Gain local awareness of the site and offerings.

  • Host the Charleston Bluegrass Festival and other special events in 2018.

Long Term GoalS - next 5 years

  • Facilitate great relationships/partnerships/sponsorships with organizations, vendors and presenters that add to our abilities and the overall experience to our visitors.

  • Gain regional, national to international awareness of the site and offerings.

  • Cultivate a solid events staff and operations for events and special programming. 

  • Have a full calendar of new and recurring events at the site.

TRANSITION: Middleton to Lavie

Walker Creative will assist in the transition between Middleton and LaVie. This transition will include a soft launch of the new brand along with LaVie’s first co-presented event - The Charleston Bluegrass Festival. Below is an outline that includes a timeline for completing the transition, brand launch and event.


Week 1 - Jan 15-21

  • Walker Creative & LaVie to finalize role and working relationship 

Week 1-2 - Jan 15-28

  • Finalize Event Design and logistical needs to execute event: Eddie/ Andrew/ Colby

  • Create/Finalize shared Budget between Awendaw Green & LaVie - *Andrew will provide templated budget for the event and work with Eddie and Colby on getting all line item costs. We will then determine a ticket price and negotiate the deal scenario between Awendaw Green and LaVie.

  • Finalize/ Book all programming and provide Andrew with written and digital promotional content for Bluegrass Festival - Eddie 

  • Begin developing site branding: Name, Description, Logo and Style Guide - Andrew

Week 3 - Jan 29-Feb 4

  • Develop Website for site/brand that includes Bluegrass Festival / Details & Ticket Link- Andrew

  • Develop Marketing Plan for event and “Soft Opening” of the site- Andrew

  • Develop Press Kit/Release - Andrew

Week 4 - 11  - Feb 7  - March 30

  • Press Release / Event Announced (Feb 5).- Andrew/Eddie

  • Marketing & Promotions / Event & Site Logistics - Andrew/ Eddie/ Colby


  • Eddie White - Programming, Production, Promotions

  • Colby - Parking, Security, Off Duty Police Officers, and Site Logistics (power/facilities).

  • Andrew - Marketing, Website, Box Office, Event Oversight and Management


Option A

Walker Creative proposes to engage in a 1 year contract with LaVie as managing Director with a proposed annual Salary of $65,000.00. Additionally, Walker Creative proposes to receive a profit share starting at 20% on special events hosted at the site. This commission structure can be negotiated on a per project basis. With this compensation scenario Walker Creative would fulfill all of the responsibilities and goals outlined in this proposal.  

Additional Options

Walker Creative offers the ability to work on a month to month basis and receive a monthly retainer depending on the work LaVie would like Walker Creative to focus on. There is also the option for hourly billing where in the rate is determined by the type and scope of work. Billing monthly or hourly may be more appropriate in the scenario where Walker Creative does not take on the role of a Managing Director role but rather a more a la carte service based role.