The following is a summary of services for Walker Creative to develop a website and brand for Seaside Family Medicine. 

The goal of this website is to provide a streamlined, informative and interactive experience for prospective & repeat patients. The website will have the ability to book/request an appointment. The greatest advantages of the website are the opportunity to build brand loyalty with new and repeat patients, build SEO for increased google searches and engage in digital target marketing campaigns that point to the website. Walker Creative will also setup business emails for each of the staff members. 

WEBSITE OUTLINE: The following includes the pages + content hosted on the website. 

  • WELCOME (Home Page): The welcome page will give an overview of Seaside Family Medicine, staff & services along with the ability to book/request an appointment. The home page will also include a comprehensive video. 

  • ABOUT: This page will include a bio/photo for each of the staff. 

  • SERVICES: This page will host a comprehensive list of medical services. 

  • FAQ - This page will have FAQs to help streamline patient questions and appointment booking process. 

  • RESOURCES - Dedicated page that hosts medical resources TBD by Seaside Family Medicine. 

  • BOOK AN APPOINTMENT - This page will include a form where patients can book/request an appointment.

  • CONTACT - This page phone contact, map/address and include a general message/inquiry form. 


Walker Creative will video & photograph the staff and place of business. This media will be included on the website and available for additional promotional use.


Walker Creative will create a comprehensive Branding Guide that will include the a company Logo for digital & print use, business cards & letterhead along with a style guide that outlines fonts, colors & characteristics for the brand.


Website / Media Development: $5,000.00

Branding Guide (Logo + Style Guide): $3,500.00 

Total Budget for Website / Media + Branding: $8,500.00